Let's tweet from Slack!


The missing Slack app

Latest release v1.0.8 - 21/02/2016

BirdyBot is the missing bridge from Slack to Twitter. Until now, Slack integrations let you read Twitter feeds and searches. Now, you can act on your Twitter accounts.

With BirdyBot, you can:

  • Post tweet and retweets from Slack;
  • Like a tweet;
  • Follow or unfollow others Twitter accounts;
  • Use infinite Twitter accounts in a Slack team;
  • and more...

Post tweets

Publish tweets from your Slack channel on any of your Twitter account.


Retweet easily with only 2 words!


Follow and unfollow people from their name, id or profile URL


Errare humanu est! Delete your tweet


Share your love and like any tweet from its id or url

Multi accounts

Set as many account as you need

BirdyBot at Evaneos A team usecase

At Evaneos, we are fond of team working and use BirdyBot to post tweets on our tech Twitter account @evaneos_tech or @evaneos_ux. Any of us can published good stuff!

BirdyBot by Tilap A personnal usecase

Slack is my favorite tool, both in daily work or as independant worker. Combined with the basic Twitter Slack integration to read tweets, BirdyBot let me answer and follow people quickly, saving precious time.

Install the Slack app Quick one-click install

Add to Slack


BirdyBot is built as a standard Slack application and can be install in 2 clicks. Once you get the install link, just accept the bot to access your channel and you can start using it.

Tips to know

For any usage, you first need to invite the bot in the channel. You can invite it by typing /invite @BirdyBot in the channel.

Any time the bot understand a command, it adds a reaction to the message. Then it adds a reaction to show you he succeed or failed. If no reaction is thrown, it means BirdyBot has probably not understood you wish...


You can add one Twitter account for each Slack channel. Once a Twitter account is bound, any user in the channel will be able command your Twitter account via the bot.

Add a Twitter account to a channel

Invite the bot in the targeted cClack channel. Then talk with @BirdyBot in direct message, and ask:

setup twitter for #name-of-the-channel

The channel can be a public or private one.
Once done, you'll got to authorize BirdyBot to access your Twitter account (read and write).

Remove a Twitter account in a channel

Remove a Twitter account by talking to @BirdyBot in direct message and asking :

remote twitter for #name-of-the-channel

Know wich Twitter account is in a channel

Go in the channel and ask the bot by mentionning it: @BirdyBot infos. You'll get the Twitter profile url use for tweeting in the current channel if any.

Post a Tweet

In a channel, just type:

@BirdyBot tweet a fabulous message

Once the tweet is post, you'll get a notification with the tweet link.


You can retweet with the tweet id or the tweet url. In a channel, just type:

@BirdyBot rt https://twitter.com/birdybotapp/status/695997083686461440


@BirdyBot rt 695997083686461440

Delete a Tweet

You can delete a tweet with its id or url. In a channel, just type:

@BirdyBot delete https://twitter.com/birdybotapp/status/695997083686461440


@BirdyBot delete 695997083686461440

Follow and unfollow

You can follow and unfollow a user from its Twitter username or profile url.


@BirdyBot follow https://twitter.com/birdybotapp


@BirdyBot follow @birdybotapp


@BirdyBot unfollow https://twitter.com/birdybotapp


@BirdyBot unfollow @birdybotapp


You can like a tweet with its id or url. In a channel, just type:

@BirdyBot like https://twitter.com/birdybotapp/status/695997083686461440


@BirdyBot like 695997083686461440

Problem? Bug?

If you have any problem or encounter a bug, drop us a word and the BirdyBot team we'll be happy to answer you!

Go to the bug report

A suggestion? A nice word?

BirdyBot is done by a team for free. We would be happy to add more features that would help you! Send us a word to tell us your needs or any feedback!