Information we receive and save from Slack

We only access data we need for the bot. We store only what we need to make it works, no more.
None of your message is saved on our server, we only save:

  • Your Slack team basic information (name, url, ID);
  • Basic information about user who explicitly call our bot (user ID, user team, name);
  • Basic information about channels where the bot is invited (channel ID, channel name);
  • The history of the tweet you post (content, data).

Information we receive from Twitter

We only store the name of the Twitter account, and the access keys requiered to bot commands (tweet, retweet, like, unlike, follow, unfollow, delete).

We will never use them to tweet, retweet or do any action by ourselves. Only the Slack commands via the bot will.

Data sharing

None of the data mentioned above will be shared outside of the BirdyBot usage.
Some stats could be calculated (number of tweet posted, number of users, number of Twitter accounts) and shared, but without mentionning any personal information without your explicit approvement.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

If we need to change these privacy policy, it will be announced on the BirdyBot main page.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additionnal questions. You may contact us at or on Twitter.

Problem? Bug?

If you have any problem or discovered a bug, drop us a word. The BirdyBot team we'll be happy to answer you!

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A suggestion? A nice word?

BirdyBot is done by a team for free. We would be happy to add more features that would help you! Send us a word to tell us your needs or any feedback!